“I do a lot of tango dancing in my spare time, which sometimes takes its toll on the body and often leaves me sore after a packed weekend. Michelle is an avid dancer herself, so she truly understands the needs of people who work with their body for a living. I appreciate her ability to hone in on the root of aches and stress (I have chronic problems with my shoulders and my back due to poor posture, but now I know that often results from lower-body problems as well). I would definitely recommend her to anyone who dances or simply wants to feel rejuvenated!”

-Ryan A.

“Michelle is an amazing massage therapist.  She has a great deal of knowledge of the human body and how to work with it, and she brings a sensitivity to her work that sets her apart from other body workers.  I have always come away from her massages feeling refreshed and relieved.  Strongly recommended!”

-Kim R.

“What an excellent experience!
Michelle brings a unique blend of warm personality, great pressure, and knowledge to her sessions. I really felt taken care of, and she got rid of my back pain too! It can be difficult to find a good, well-trained massage therapist, and I feel I’ve found one with her.
So if you need to relax, or find someone to help you out with a painful spot, Michelle comes highly recommended.”

-Andrea F.

“I’ve been getting massages from Michelle sporadically for 4 or 5 years now, and she’s incredible!   Occasionally, I’ve gone to other places for gift certificates or whatever reason, but overall, I prefer to go to Michelle.  She’s very knowledgeable and has great technique.  My shoulders and neck are often locked up from an earlier injury and from working at a computer, and she knows just where to focus to help relieve the tension and make me feel better.  Seriously, I rarely need to say anything.  She can tell where my tense points are just with her fingers.  Additionally, she has a background in anatomy and health and has given me stretching and posture tips for ways that I can improve how I feel.

Michelle is very professional, friendly and easy to relate to.  I highly recommend her.  She’ll make you feel right at home, and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.”

-Susan B.

“If I was wealthy I would get a massage from Michelle every week (well, I guess if I was wealthy I could get one every day!). My husband and I have been getting massages from Michelle for the past 1-2 years and we absolutely love her massages. We have her come to our house which is awesome because we can fall right into bed after she leaves and have a wonderful nights sleep.

Michelle is small is stature but you would never know it by her massages – she is great at getting deep into the muscle (if you want that) but also knows how to balance the deep massage with relaxing full body massage.

She is not only a talented masseuse but one of the sweetest people I know as well.  I hope you get to enjoy a massage by her sometime soon!

Typing this makes me want to call her right now to schedule another appointment…”

-Iris D.