Tectonic Shifter
Deep Tissue Massage   
(90 min – $130) (60 min – $100)
This therapeutic technique focuses on areas of the body that need more intense work. Often combined with other therapy strokes for a more balanced session, this type of bodywork can be a profoundly relaxing experience. Using slow deep pressure, it “unearths” those deeper musculoskeletal tissues that suffer from chronic contraction, aches & pains and sometimes immobility. The deep tissue massage technique aims at breaking up adhesions (“knots”), relieving pain, and increasing the ease and range of motion. If your body’s “plates” suffer from specific aches and tightness, perhaps it’s time to shake them free with our Tectonic Shifter!

Harmonic Tremor
Swedish Massage   
(90 min – $130) (60 min – $100)
Coined over 100 years ago by Dutch practitioners, this massage technique is the classic all body massage. Using five kinds of long, flowing strokes in stretch and compression, it works on all the major muscle groups. Over time, Swedish massage has been known to improve body circulation, reduce pain and joint stiffness, purify the body of built up uric and lactic acids, and produce a deep sense of relaxation in the parasympathetic nervous system. Following your session of Harmonic Tremor, you should feel relaxed, rejuvenated and properly “retrofitted” to face a new day!

Foreshock / Aftershock Care
Sports Massage   
(90 min – $130) (60 min – $100)
Weather you’re an active athlete or a weekend warrior, every body needs a tune up. Sports massage caters to both pre and post athletic events and is a highly personalized experience. Depending on weather your aim is prevention or recovery, your sports massage may include active resistance stretches, passive stretches, and/or vigorous massage techniques to either stimulate muscles or calm inflamed areas. Sports massage is known to increase mobility, prevent possible injuries, reduce recovery time, boost athletic performance, and prolong your active life.